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New Trend: No More e-Mails

Your BPMS must make your business easy and effective. Global competition requires a simple and fast approach. Enterprises which prefer complicated BPMS solutions without determine their needs and market research failed. Under this circumstances BPMS make life harder rather than to make life easier. Each step of the process means a new email. The purpose of BPMS prevents confusion in the business life. If your BPMS constantly sends too much mail, then confusion comes back.

Need for more Collaboration

The concept of business process may be as traditional as concepts of tasks, department, production, and outputs, arising from job shop scheduling problems in the early 20th Century and BPM solves problems which are task delay, disorganization, excessive document generation, difficulties when implementing new business strategies, lack of process control. BPM tools perfectly tracks the our business processes but does not resolve the internal communication issues in company.

People use BPMS for their business processes. But employee need also other communication methods like teamwares or group chats to resolve issues within project team, departments, groups and employees.

BPMS generally is too much robust about social people relations and it only comes to you when a task is need to be complete by an user. But if we are talking about team work we also need to think about natural social requirements of people. People need comments, help about a decision to be made or get feedback of other people.

Emakin as Enterprise Social Collaboration: Fast, Simple and All You Need

Emakin social network features merges your business processes with teamwork activities at same platform. With this features you can create activity streams for your workflow instances, business entities and team spaces. Activity stream is basically record of unstructured history of activities that contain comments, documents, video and any other information that shared with related team players. Besides wherever an activity is occurs, all of activities related with you or your team is merged now and listed in your main activity view like a preview of company hearth beat. Addition to activities company employee can follow each other and build teamwork relations between them.

You did not misunderstand, BPM and enterprise communication on same platform. Streamline internal and external collaboration.

Let’s take a look its features!

Activity Integrated Business Processes

All activity streams are integrated with your business processes. You can display not only activities of employees but also system generated activities of processes.

Online Community

Social Emakin ensures discussion forums, collaborative FAQs and polls. By this way project team can discuss about projects and tasks in this platform. They can also comment or share document on activity stream. The employee can track its all business steps on one single page.

Track to Another Employee’s Activities

Track your team’s activity through their activity streams. Display sharings of people who you follow, such as documents, comments or news. Follow your team’s activities.

Simplier Way to Engage with Employee

Social Emakin idea is that managing processes and relationships based on transactions only and within the boundaries of the company can be significantly enhanced by adopting a less structured, more collaborative approach created around an open community model.

Employee Profile

The employee has a profile which has a profile photo and business network informations. The employe can customize its profile according to its enterprise rules and its personal informations.

Team Spaces

Team spaces have studies related to the projects, sharing of team members, details of the business processes, analysis, comments, calendar and discussion.

BPM and Document Archive Together in Emakin

Emakin not only automate your business processes but also saves your outputs of business process safely. Your business process is results can be saved in Document Archive of Emakin. You do not have create or maintain other digital archives or folders to store your documents. Your outputs will be always accessible. Emakin is %100 web based. Search and find it easily. When you use Emakin, you will see how you dedicate your business.

Increase Visibility and Work Smarter

Emakin Document Archive has “Version Tracking System”. This system provides to find all of version in Document Archive. You can search by date or by keyword and find document what you need. Also you can find all of details about versions like who draft a document, version dates, details… You can manage your business without lack of concentration.

Document Archive gathers all of informations about workflows. You can create document with your output of workflows. This documents are suitable for ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Series Standards. When you wish, you can print your document which you create. You can generate not only documents with workflow but also you can upload different types of documents. You can upload doc, xls, pdf, img, jpeg format documents in Emakin Document Archive.

Take A Look How To Concentrate On Your Business Easily

According to this document Mr. Paolo has a complaints about cargo tracking. When Quality/Customer Complaint process is completed, Emakin generates document and save it in Document Archive.You can see all of details about this complaint in document and thanks to “Full Text Search” feature when you need, you can access this document.

As you see, just write and find what you need. It is as simple as that.


Emakin provides not only easy to use business application, also when your business process is completed, Emakin saves it as a document in Document Archive. Generate or upload your documents and save it. Your dashboard is securely accessible for anywhere without losing information.

Delegation in Emakin

Business continuity is important for sustained growth and competition. Emakin automates your business process and ensures delegation among employees like the situations below:

  • Annual leaves
  • Long meetings
  • Workload
  • Resignations or dismissals
  • Casual Leaves
  • Etc.

For example when an employee uses annual leave, he can delegate his/her tasks to his/her co-workers or departments. It is located in My Calendar section. Thanks to the advanced interface of the My Calendar he/she can delegate his tasks at different time intervals to different employees or departments. When delegation time intervals finish, the employee continue his/her business and delegation is completed. Co-workers and departments which is delegated by the employee who has annual leave can not reach after time intervals.

In this way Business continuity is ensured by Emakin. It is as simple as that.

Competition War with Sun Tzu and Michael Porter

According to contemporary strategic management approach, the main objective of a company is to improve long-term performance and need to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Let’s examine the competition with Michael Porter who is one of the best specialist about competition and war genius Sun Tzu.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Sun Tzu.

In global world, if you do not follow the technological innovations, you can not survive among your opponents. In ancient times strength was the weapons, but now technological innovations are used at business war. In this global economy, tactics and strategy concepts have become inseparable.

“The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.” Sun Tzu

Similar to his words, enterprise can survive and prove itself only with right strategies. The rapid and error-free work environment is possible with BPM. Actually BPM is not a product or medicine for enterprise. BPM is a manner which provide discipline and strategies. If the enterprise is a body, BPM finds bottleneck with deeply analysis, then the brain notices and fixes it. When the enterprise works quickly, a lot of tactics can be created for competition.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu

BPM ensures metric results and success can be measured with this results. Managing a business without metric targets is non-sense. BPM provide risk-free decisions, in this way employees believe in themselves. Risk-free and quick decisions provide time-saving. Time is money. Right? Concrete targets are possible with BPM’s analysis and outputs. Get rid of paper works, examine analysis and improve tactics.

When you have system which is functioning flawless like clockwork, you can challenge your opponents.

Take a Look Porter’s Competitive Strategies

Porter’s approach has been effective since 1985. Sustainable competition in the long term is possible when one of generic strategies of Porter followed: Low-cost Leadership Strategy or Differentiation Strategy. In Porter’s view; enterprise that try to materialize multiple strategies can not complete these strategies and stuck in the middle.

Enterprises that have the whip hand of opponents with lower costs are winners of market. When the enterprise’s product has same price with its opponents, actually it generates profit because of lower cost. Or product can have lower price than its competitors and the enterprise can have same profit with its opponents. However, it increases the market share.

BPM makes advantage among competitors and reduces costs. In global world, the best enterprises in their sectors have BPM discipline and they reduce costs with it. Because they do not need to pay unnecessary education costs, they have few and qualified employees, their system that set up with BPM has never stop and they can convert time to money.

BPM provide continuous competitiveness, uninterrupted productivity and business continuity.

In My View

Enterprises must keep pace with international developments and pay attention to technology to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of competition. When the enterprises that are in a more advanced stage of technological development and enterprises that are more rearward are compared, the enterprises that follow technological innovations are more successful and have sustainable competitiveness. How much sense to deal with the paperwork when BPM ensure uninterrupted productivity and business continuity?

Growth Does Not Mean Increase in Profit and Revenue

The growth of enterprises is so serious that requires strategies.  Most of enterprise have gripe in their growth process. An enterprise has uncontrolled growth causes to be aggrieved and serious waste of money. It is a situation that will not be required by shareholders.  In enterprise, management wants the growth for enterprise’s future. Because no matter how they earn money, if they can’t reach their growth targets, enterprise have gripe.

Growth is not only from a financial point of view, it is important also from the spiritual angle.

Employees want growth for their future. Having good salary isn’t enough for employees. That means the enterprise which is in a continuous growth process is institutional. Employees prefer to work institutional enterprise with low salary rather than enterprise that is without long term future plan and present-mind.

Growth must be continuous and considered as strategic.

To have long term success is provided by strategies and plans. The enterprise should determine targets and provide cooperation within employees. Growth is provided with a good planning process, in-depth analysis, good human resources, sensible investments, R&D and long term targets.

Emakin BPM provides competitive advantage in the long term.

If the enterprise doesn’t keeps pace with technological innovations, growth slows and ends. Emakin BPM provides deep analysis and takes growth strategically. You can get metric results and have long term business success.  Provide planned, accurate and systematic work environment. You can get business results so fast and create new strategies for your growing business. Get rid of paper works and have professional work environment.

Let’s tell growing with 3 questions and determine the conclusion with 3 answers.

1-) What is needed for the company’s growth?

  • Right investments, profit, customer satisfaction.

2-) How to provide these?

  • Quickly, efficient and effective working, healthy communication in enterprise and do a lot of work with less manpower.

3-) How do you make them?

  • Focus on your job and get rid of paper works, education trainings. Enjoy your growth and cost with Emakin. 
  • No more education cost.
  • No more human error.
  • No more strategy mistakes.
  • No more waste of time.
  • No more loose information.
  • No more communication gap
  • No more paper works.
  • No more complicated process.
  • Have labor saving.
  • Have planned growth.
  • Have strong management.
  • Have quickly business process.
  • Have long term success
  • Have strong communication..
  • Have institutional identity.
  • Have competitive advantage

Work Less, Do More…


Point Shot with Emakin BPM

Technology is forcing the imagination, therefore the number of entrepreneurs is increasing day by day.  Enterprises that close to improvement is eliminated by system, but enterprises that keep up with the times can survive. The growing number of entrepreneurs causes brutal competition.  So, to set up a business is not enough for success, bottom line is to manage the business in the best way.  The managers who know their business well prefer the BPM applications.

When BPM is compared with other diciplines by Google Trends, it has been seen more searchable. When business processes are standardized by BPM applications, can make decisions faster, preliminary estimates are made about the decisions was taken and new strategy is determined by BPM analysis.

 Keeping up Speed on Market

On the one hand companies that use fast, free and secure BPM systems, on the other hand, companies that dealing with unnecessary chore, when were solving complex processes, forgot their purpose and began to digest by global world. BPM provides fast and error-free work environment instead of accumulation of papers, documents and extending work .

In the global world, people who accepted power of artificial intelligence and machine are winners. There is no error in the machine and finds drop beneath somebody’s radar. Sometimes even small details can save life. Emakin BPM makes the analysis for you, help you determine your strategy. You as soon as receive the result, increased cooperation and motivation in the company. You get instant results without having to stay in a pile of paperwork.

The system is no longer the nature of the people, is satisfied with the work done by machine risk-free and fast. Emakin BPM is easier than other BPM applications also is designed easy-to-understand for everyone in the company. It ensure the satisfaction of customers with a rich user interface with no coding.

Point Shot

In our life actually every detail is a data stack like photos, people, photos, buildings, speech, social media, TV, the country’s agenda, the agenda of our world and the most important our business. Our brain is charging with unnecessary detail, every day new ones are added. Business is in a sensitive location and may be affected by the carelessness of the employees and psychology, agenda and a lot of detail. Emakin’s the most important purpose is to minimize human error with standardized processes. To provide coordination of business with processes that is created without loss of time to file the paper and designed easily is no longer difficult.
Let the process that make you slow and cant achieve results, make a point shot to improve your business. Emakin BPM provides to standardize processes and allows to develop your business in a short time.


Emakin BPM and Business Process Administration

When set up a enterprise, business objectives should be well defined, stable and disciplined steps should be taken for this purposes. Accessible but compelling and metric target should be set to ensure the continuity of business and growth.  To provide cooperation within the company and all employees of the business should be brought together within the framework of these objectives to step stable and disciplined. Of course, the most important task belongs to business administration about protection of business objectives and interests. To take decisions quickly, without risk and to procure coordination in the enterprise increasing profits while reaching target is most important mission of business administration.

Modern Business Administration Target: ensure the continuity of business while increasing profit with BPM applications

The main objective is profit in the business organization means that the income is greater than expenses. Of course enterprise has also other objectives as community service and ensure the continuity of the company but the main objective never change. Profit is considered the main criteria for measuring success.

Cost reduction and cost savings must be made to increase profits. At this point,  Emakin BPM provides geting rid of company training costs and allows the dissolution of a very difficult process.  Fast-growing, disciplined business management isn’t hard with Emakin BPM.  It motivates enterprises with rich user interfaces which everyone can learn and can build process easily.

Goals of an enterprise should be metric to be carried out that is not imaginary. This goals are quickly accessible with Emakin provides cooperation within the company and Emakin’s rich tools. Enterprise can check goals, analyze and make predictions.

Set Goals Measurable

When goals are metric, they can be shown with graphs and can be analyzed, to reach target is easier. Therefore  when we look at the table which taken from BPTrends, we can see how BPM is preferred with Graphics Modeling tool.  Emakin BPM is used also for to quantify the goals and create awareness with tools.

What BPM products and services is your organization currently using?

2005 2007 2009 2011 2013
Graphics Modeling tool (Visio, PowerPoint) 77% 74% 70% 71% 69% 204
Repository based Modeling tool (ProVision, MEGA, Casewise) 38% 32% 40% 27% 36% 107
BPM Suite that can manage the runtime execution of a business process 23% 24% 26% 37% 24% 71
Tool for managing a Rule-based process or application 17% 19% 18% 20% 12% 35
Process Monitoring/BI tool that can feed information to an executive dashboard 18% 24% 26% 24% 13% 39
Training in Process Strategy, Architecture or Performance 17% 16% 18% 13% 14% 42
Training in Process Analysis and Design 33% 31% 34% 30% 32% 94
Training in Process Redesign and Improvement methodology 24% 24% 28% 20% 24% 72
Training in BPM Systems 15% 14% 18% 20% 13% 40
Attendance at BPM Conferences 31% 35% 35% 27% 28% 84
Other, Please Specify 7% 10% 7% 9% 8% 24

Process products and services currently used by companies.


BPM is Essentials of Modern Business

Business administration must be well done for the growth of the business, to make profit and to survive. Businesss administration gathers around common objectives of the company’s employees and checking the objectives of each department are the most important factors for success. The main functions of business administration;

  • Planning

Emakin BPM provides a system by editing the scheduled predictions plans.

  • Organization

Organizational structure to achieve the objectives planned with Emakin BPM.

  • Management and Administration

Administrators assign employees to tasks to reach golas with Emakin BPM.

  • Coordination

Harmony of employees plays a big role in the enterprise’s profits and growth, come through quickly and provide coordination with Emakin BPM.

  • Control

Easy monitoring and fast-running business processes occur with Emakin BPM.

Quantify of the targets, analyze and catch excellence in business administration are keys of profits and growth. Business administration is heart of enterprise. All of important workflow tasks belong to Business administration. It plays the major role of the company’s goals, takes control of all functions of the business. Emakin BPM shares administration of the load and provides motivation to achieve their business goals in business processes.


Many Tasks, One Inbox – Benefits of emakin’s Cloud Domain Structure

Save Time and Simplify

As life-saving as they may be, using so many business apps can be time consuming and complicated. When, however, you have all your apps organized in one place, everything becomes a whole lot easier. Instead of spending time fluttering between apps, you can become more productive with everything simply laid out in front of you. Your tasks will all be in one inbox which you can sort and manage easily.

Saved in the Cloud

When you have all your business apps running from one place, it’s all saved and backed up in the cloud. This means that you can update your information, tasks, projects and deadlines wherever you go. Having a constant safe backup means you never need to worry about losing your work.

Sort and Organize

You could have tasks to complete, payments to receive and invoices to file. With all your business apps under one domain and managed easily, you can sort and organize everything you need to do with the use of labelling, i.e. as “sent”, “waiting” etc.. The emakin business apps are intelligent applications that can share data, so your accounting application can be updated when you put data into your purchasing application and vice versa. This saves more time and allows you to be your most productive.

The bottom line is that you need simplicity in an over complicated world. When you’ve got many business apps doing so many things, you need to have one place where everything comes together. Since you can properly sort and organize your apps in one domain, managing your business and your life becomes much easier. You will save time, become more productive and make more money.