BPM and Document Archive Together in Emakin

Emakin not only automate your business processes but also saves your outputs of business process safely. Your business process is results can be saved in Document Archive of Emakin. You do not have create or maintain other digital archives or folders to store your documents. Your outputs will be always accessible. Emakin is %100 web based. Search and find it easily. When you use Emakin, you will see how you dedicate your business.

Increase Visibility and Work Smarter

Emakin Document Archive has “Version Tracking System”. This system provides to find all of version in Document Archive. You can search by date or by keyword and find document what you need. Also you can find all of details about versions like who draft a document, version dates, details… You can manage your business without lack of concentration.

Document Archive gathers all of informations about workflows. You can create document with your output of workflows. This documents are suitable for ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Series Standards. When you wish, you can print your document which you create. You can generate not only documents with workflow but also you can upload different types of documents. You can upload doc, xls, pdf, img, jpeg format documents in Emakin Document Archive.

Take A Look How To Concentrate On Your Business Easily

According to this document Mr. Paolo has a complaints about cargo tracking. When Quality/Customer Complaint process is completed, Emakin generates document and save it in Document Archive.You can see all of details about this complaint in document and thanks to “Full Text Search” feature when you need, you can access this document.

As you see, just write and find what you need. It is as simple as that.


Emakin provides not only easy to use business application, also when your business process is completed, Emakin saves it as a document in Document Archive. Generate or upload your documents and save it. Your dashboard is securely accessible for anywhere without losing information.

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