Competition War with Sun Tzu and Michael Porter

According to contemporary strategic management approach, the main objective of a company is to improve long-term performance and need to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Let’s examine the competition with Michael Porter who is one of the best specialist about competition and war genius Sun Tzu.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Sun Tzu.

In global world, if you do not follow the technological innovations, you can not survive among your opponents. In ancient times strength was the weapons, but now technological innovations are used at business war. In this global economy, tactics and strategy concepts have become inseparable.

“The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.” Sun Tzu

Similar to his words, enterprise can survive and prove itself only with right strategies. The rapid and error-free work environment is possible with BPM. Actually BPM is not a product or medicine for enterprise. BPM is a manner which provide discipline and strategies. If the enterprise is a body, BPM finds bottleneck with deeply analysis, then the brain notices and fixes it. When the enterprise works quickly, a lot of tactics can be created for competition.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu

BPM ensures metric results and success can be measured with this results. Managing a business without metric targets is non-sense. BPM provide risk-free decisions, in this way employees believe in themselves. Risk-free and quick decisions provide time-saving. Time is money. Right? Concrete targets are possible with BPM’s analysis and outputs. Get rid of paper works, examine analysis and improve tactics.

When you have system which is functioning flawless like clockwork, you can challenge your opponents.

Take a Look Porter’s Competitive Strategies

Porter’s approach has been effective since 1985. Sustainable competition in the long term is possible when one of generic strategies of Porter followed: Low-cost Leadership Strategy or Differentiation Strategy. In Porter’s view; enterprise that try to materialize multiple strategies can not complete these strategies and stuck in the middle.

Enterprises that have the whip hand of opponents with lower costs are winners of market. When the enterprise’s product has same price with its opponents, actually it generates profit because of lower cost. Or product can have lower price than its competitors and the enterprise can have same profit with its opponents. However, it increases the market share.

BPM makes advantage among competitors and reduces costs. In global world, the best enterprises in their sectors have BPM discipline and they reduce costs with it. Because they do not need to pay unnecessary education costs, they have few and qualified employees, their system that set up with BPM has never stop and they can convert time to money.

BPM provide continuous competitiveness, uninterrupted productivity and business continuity.

In My View

Enterprises must keep pace with international developments and pay attention to technology to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of competition. When the enterprises that are in a more advanced stage of technological development and enterprises that are more rearward are compared, the enterprises that follow technological innovations are more successful and have sustainable competitiveness. How much sense to deal with the paperwork when BPM ensure uninterrupted productivity and business continuity?

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