Delegation in Emakin

Business continuity is important for sustained growth and competition. Emakin automates your business process and ensures delegation among employees like the situations below:

  • Annual leaves
  • Long meetings
  • Workload
  • Resignations or dismissals
  • Casual Leaves
  • Etc.

For example when an employee uses annual leave, he can delegate his/her tasks to his/her co-workers or departments. It is located in My Calendar section. Thanks to the advanced interface of the My Calendar he/she can delegate his tasks at different time intervals to different employees or departments. When delegation time intervals finish, the employee continue his/her business and delegation is completed. Co-workers and departments which is delegated by the employee who has annual leave can not reach after time intervals.

In this way Business continuity is ensured by Emakin. It is as simple as that.

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