Emakin BPM and Business Process Administration

When set up a enterprise, business objectives should be well defined, stable and disciplined steps should be taken for this purposes. Accessible but compelling and metric target should be set to ensure the continuity of business and growth.  To provide cooperation within the company and all employees of the business should be brought together within the framework of these objectives to step stable and disciplined. Of course, the most important task belongs to business administration about protection of business objectives and interests. To take decisions quickly, without risk and to procure coordination in the enterprise increasing profits while reaching target is most important mission of business administration.

Modern Business Administration Target: ensure the continuity of business while increasing profit with BPM applications

The main objective is profit in the business organization means that the income is greater than expenses. Of course enterprise has also other objectives as community service and ensure the continuity of the company but the main objective never change. Profit is considered the main criteria for measuring success.

Cost reduction and cost savings must be made to increase profits. At this point,  Emakin BPM provides geting rid of company training costs and allows the dissolution of a very difficult process.  Fast-growing, disciplined business management isn’t hard with Emakin BPM.  It motivates enterprises with rich user interfaces which everyone can learn and can build process easily.

Goals of an enterprise should be metric to be carried out that is not imaginary. This goals are quickly accessible with Emakin provides cooperation within the company and Emakin’s rich tools. Enterprise can check goals, analyze and make predictions.

Set Goals Measurable

When goals are metric, they can be shown with graphs and can be analyzed, to reach target is easier. Therefore  when we look at the table which taken from BPTrends, we can see how BPM is preferred with Graphics Modeling tool.  Emakin BPM is used also for to quantify the goals and create awareness with tools.

What BPM products and services is your organization currently using?

2005 2007 2009 2011 2013
Graphics Modeling tool (Visio, PowerPoint) 77% 74% 70% 71% 69% 204
Repository based Modeling tool (ProVision, MEGA, Casewise) 38% 32% 40% 27% 36% 107
BPM Suite that can manage the runtime execution of a business process 23% 24% 26% 37% 24% 71
Tool for managing a Rule-based process or application 17% 19% 18% 20% 12% 35
Process Monitoring/BI tool that can feed information to an executive dashboard 18% 24% 26% 24% 13% 39
Training in Process Strategy, Architecture or Performance 17% 16% 18% 13% 14% 42
Training in Process Analysis and Design 33% 31% 34% 30% 32% 94
Training in Process Redesign and Improvement methodology 24% 24% 28% 20% 24% 72
Training in BPM Systems 15% 14% 18% 20% 13% 40
Attendance at BPM Conferences 31% 35% 35% 27% 28% 84
Other, Please Specify 7% 10% 7% 9% 8% 24

Process products and services currently used by companies.


BPM is Essentials of Modern Business

Business administration must be well done for the growth of the business, to make profit and to survive. Businesss administration gathers around common objectives of the company’s employees and checking the objectives of each department are the most important factors for success. The main functions of business administration;

  • Planning

Emakin BPM provides a system by editing the scheduled predictions plans.

  • Organization

Organizational structure to achieve the objectives planned with Emakin BPM.

  • Management and Administration

Administrators assign employees to tasks to reach golas with Emakin BPM.

  • Coordination

Harmony of employees plays a big role in the enterprise’s profits and growth, come through quickly and provide coordination with Emakin BPM.

  • Control

Easy monitoring and fast-running business processes occur with Emakin BPM.

Quantify of the targets, analyze and catch excellence in business administration are keys of profits and growth. Business administration is heart of enterprise. All of important workflow tasks belong to Business administration. It plays the major role of the company’s goals, takes control of all functions of the business. Emakin BPM shares administration of the load and provides motivation to achieve their business goals in business processes.


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