Emakin Offers Flexible and Free Quality Management

With emakin business applications, organizations can build their own QM system using only the apps which they need. The different apps, which will be briefly explained here, are intelligent apps running on the same domain. In combination with one another, emakin business apps cover all the areas of QM – planning, assurance, control and improvement. For organizations looking for a simple yet effective solution, such as SMBs, emakin is ideal, in particular due to the fact that an emakin domain is free to register and all applications are currently free to use commercially.

The Quality Document Management application is where quality system documents can be stored and accessed. By means of the integrated smart form, procedures and instructions can be prepared and edited with ease. As such, it supports all four QM areas since it serves as a repository for documents pertaining to planning, prevention, correction and assessment.

At its most basic level, QA revolves around the actions for ensuring and maintaining a level of quality in the production of products. It is, therefore, a preventive and a proactive approach. The Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) application helps ensure quality by making sure that staff comply with standard policies and practices and it alerts in cases where corrective measures need to be undertaken. It comprises root cause analysis, workflow notifications to track the status of problems, and action verification to review the progress regularly and initiate follow-up procedures. A further Service Desk application makes the reporting of internal issues easy for staff. This is a further way to ensure quality within the organization from a bottom-up approach.

Quality control, on the other hand, seeks to ensure quality in those products by recognizing defects in the actual products. QC thus aims to identify and correct such defects and is, as such, a reactive approach. The Customer Complaint app makes it easy to track all types of customer complaints. Similar to the CAPA app, the complaint app tracks the status of the problem and monitors the progress to ensure the resolution of the problem. Knowing what your customers want from you and where your organization needs to make adjustments will strengthen your competitive edge. By tracking the status of each complaint, you can also make sure that your customers are being served to their complete satisfaction.

By running all of the above-mentioned apps, an organization can achieve TQM which is not only comprehensive and user-friendly, but which will not cost them a penny.

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