Many Tasks, One Inbox – Benefits of emakin’s Cloud Domain Structure

Save Time and Simplify

As life-saving as they may be, using so many business apps can be time consuming and complicated. When, however, you have all your apps organized in one place, everything becomes a whole lot easier. Instead of spending time fluttering between apps, you can become more productive with everything simply laid out in front of you. Your tasks will all be in one inbox which you can sort and manage easily.

Saved in the Cloud

When you have all your business apps running from one place, it’s all saved and backed up in the cloud. This means that you can update your information, tasks, projects and deadlines wherever you go. Having a constant safe backup means you never need to worry about losing your work.

Sort and Organize

You could have tasks to complete, payments to receive and invoices to file. With all your business apps under one domain and managed easily, you can sort and organize everything you need to do with the use of labelling, i.e. as “sent”, “waiting” etc.. The emakin business apps are intelligent applications that can share data, so your accounting application can be updated when you put data into your purchasing application and vice versa. This saves more time and allows you to be your most productive.

The bottom line is that you need simplicity in an over complicated world. When you’ve got many business apps doing so many things, you need to have one place where everything comes together. Since you can properly sort and organize your apps in one domain, managing your business and your life becomes much easier. You will save time, become more productive and make more money.

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