The Emakin Contract Management Application

“Oh yes, now where was it again?” is a phrase which you obviously don’t want associated with your important business documents (although we’re probably all guilty of having uttered the phrase on more than one occasion). Sifting through tons of loose papers is an old-fashioned form of mismanagement which has been replaced by scanning hard disk files to locate a specific document. Efficient organization is one of the main pillars of any solid business should obviously be practiced stringently when it comes to key business activities such as contractual agreements. That’s why we developed the contract management app. With it you can generate, implement, and track the current status of contracts. By getting all your contracts well under control you enhance your organization’s performance while you simultaneously and, just as importantly, minimize risks.

This application puts your clients’ contracts within a click’s reach, and it manages and tracks each contract in an efficient and effective way. You can track your entire contract management process from start to finish. What’s more, through the creation of a personal contract repository, the app reduces the amount of time wasted on creating entirely new contracts from scratch since you can edit and save any contract as a template for future use.

The app also provides an effective way of building statistical data by sending automated informational emails. The sending process easily is easily automated via the user interface and it’s possible to track your historical data by setting up a new subscriber auto responder. This allows all approval mechanisms and sub-steps to be followed on the same platform. It likewise allows different users to be able to actively track all running processes.

Emakin’s Contract Management app is ideal for any organization that strives to excel in measuring and tracking its contracts, providing the means to measure performance with regards to procurement processes in addition to making a massive contribution towards establishing mutually beneficial partnerships.




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